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Our Process

We are sharing our process with you, our potential customer, to help you understand the difference between a $299.99 website and a custom-built solution that addresses all the needs of your business.

Think of a $299.99 website as buying clothes from a high-street retailer- you look through the racks for something that suits your needs and taste- finally settling on a piece that mostly works for you. You might be able to choose from a limited number of variations, colours and sizes etc. After purchase, you can make a few alterations, but fundamentally it’s the same piece of clothing. This is a relatively fast and inexpensive process.

Custom software has parallels with going to a tailor who makes exactly what you ask for, designing the piece to your liking, taking very exact measurements, choosing the material, colour, etc, and adding any other features you might want. This involves multiple visits, trying out the piece of clothing and having alterations made as needed. This is a longer, more involved and expensive process. But, it gets you a perfectly fitting piece of clothing, made exactly to your liking, and is usually of higher quality.

Plan – Research, Discover & Define

At the start, we discuss the project with you at length to determine your objectives and what you want to achieve. We ascertain your target audience, do extensive competitive research, clearly defining your positioning. If necessary, we may request interviews with members of your organization and/or clients to get a better understanding of your industry.

Our goal is to learn how your business operates today and how you want it to operate 5-10 years from now. We also determine the long and short term requirements of your technology solution. The end result is a high level plan that includes the recommended technologies and approaches for moving forward.

Design – Processes & Visuals

The Design Phase is the most important part of the process; we lay out the system components and workflow processes ensuring your objectives will be met.

You will receive designs from us that include wireframes of the entry screens, printouts, and workflow activity for your system. You will be provided with a preview of the major system components up-front. This process gives everyone an opportunity to make modifications and enhancements before coding (the Development Phase) begins – reducing the chances of additional costs due to changes made later in the project.

Build – Construct & Develop

Your vision starts taking shape in the build (development) phase as a working solution. In most software projects, this is an extraordinarily expensive process. At Sarolta, we combine a well-thought-out plan, thorough design, years of experience, and our structured standardized development processes into a high-quality fully-customized software solution. This, along with our off-shore team, means you get your project delivered at a significantly lower cost.

Beta – Test, QA & Train

After your beta (the first complete development version) of your project is complete, we carry out an exhaustive Testing & Quality Assurance (QA) process, fixing any issues that might arise. We carry out unit testing, integration testing, acceptance testing and system testing. Each project module is tested and check that they are functioning properly according to specification. Your team will be able to use and train on the software within the testing environment. After passing through the various testing stages, the software is ready to go live.

Launch – Optimize, Configure & Go Live

We then start the Implementation process; this involves installing and configuring the software on cloud-based environments (AWS, etc), dedicated hardware, working closely with your team to install and configure on your on-premises servers, etc. including your PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Support – Maintain, evaluate & refine.

With time, your business will grow, and your requirements will change as a result. Technology (including operating systems, new software releases, and improvements in hardware devices) will also change. We will continue to provide Maintenance and Support long after your system up and running! And will work with you to ensure your new system is working smoothly, keeping your business operating successfully.